Top 10 Fastest Goals In FIFA World Cup History | Hakan Sukur Holds The Record For Scoring Goal In Just 10 Seconds

Football World Cup is the most anticipated tournament ever in the world as it occurs once in 4 years. The football fans around the globe wait eagerly for the tournament to come as they see thrilling matches between the teams. There are also some memorable events occur in the mega event. Among them, here we have a list of the fastest goals in football world cup history. Some players have scored goals in the blink of eye and put their names in the record book.

World Cup Fastest Goals

In football world cup, many memorable incidence occurs. People love to watch their favorite heroes for scoring a goal. That’s why the footballers try their best for scoring goal. On the top, the fans remember the heroes who played crucial part in the win of team. So each player gives his best to make his team win the cup. Below are the footballers who showed a magnificent showcase of their skills and scored goals in no time.

Hakan Sukur

  • Nationality | Turkey
  • Time | 11 Seconds
  • Opponent | South Korea
  • Round | 3rd Place
  • World Cup | 2002

Hakan Sukur astonished the world cup by taking only 10 seconds to score a goal. In a mtch between Turkey and South Korea in 2002 FIFA world cup, Sukur took the ball between the opponents with his exceptional tricks and made it impossible for the goal keeper to stop the goal by hitting the ball with immense power. Thus, he registered his name in the records book and won the hearts of millions of fans.

Vaclav Masek

  • Nationality | Czech
  • Time | 16 Seconds
  • Opponent | Mexico
  • Round | Group Stage
  • World Cup | 1962

In 1962 world cup, Czech and Mexico came across each other at group stage. Although Czech lost the match by 3-1, however Masek made a record in the match after scoring the only goal in just 16 seconds after the kick off. That record ruled the football world for 40 years until broken by Vaclav Masek.

Ernst Lehner

  • Nationality | Germany
  • Time | 25 Seconds
  • Opponent | Austria
  • Round | Third Place
  • World Cup | 1934

In 1934 FIFA world cup, Ernst Lehner scored the third fastest goal of football world cup history. The match was played between Austria and Germany for the third place. Lehner put the ball in the goal just in 25 seconds and helped Germany to get the third position by beating the Austria through 3-2.

Top 10 Fastest Goals In World Cup History

Hakan SukurTurkeyTurkey vs South Korea00:10Third place2002
Vaclav MasekCzechCzech vs Mexico00:16Group stage1962
Ernst LehnerGermanyGermany vs Austria00:25Third place1934
Bryan RobsonEnglandEngland vs France00:27Group stage1982
Clint DempseyUSAUSA vs Ghana00:29Group stage2014
Bernard LacombeFranceFrance vs Italy00:30Group stage1978
Emile VeinanteFranceFrance vs Belgium00:35Group stage1938
Arne NybergSwedenSweden vs Hungary00:35Semi final1938
Florian AlbertHungaryHungary vs Bulgaria00:50Group stage1962
Adalbert DesuRomaniaRomania vs Peru00:50Group stage1930

That’s all about the details of fastest goals in football world cup history. World Cup 2022 schedule announced already. If there are any further changes available or any other footballer make a fastest goal, we will update the details here. Stay tuned for more information!

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